Vidéos en ligne

Keynote address by Joni Adamson, Professor at Arizona State University, USA: “Ecopoetics of Interspecies Connections in Native American Writings.”                Perpignan, June 23 2016

Keynote address by Yves-Charles Grandjeat, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, France: “I turn homeward, wondering”: A Short, Enchanted Journey Through some of the Wonders Literature Can Do for Ecology” Pepignan, June 22 2016

Keynote address by Wendy Harding, Professor at the University of Toulouse, France: “Aesthetic Choices for the Anthropocene Era.” June 24 2016, University of Perpignan, June 24 2016

Guest Writer Linda Hogan,  Native American, Chickasaw poet, novelist and essay writer, Perpignan, June 23 2016.

Readings from unpubished essays and poems

Translation, readings in French, and interpretation by Bénédicte Meillon.


Ron Rash, Poet, Short Story Writer, and Novelist from North Carolina, USA. Perpignan, June 22 2016. Readings from Above the Waterfall.

Interpretation and Reading in French: Frédérique Spill, Jocelyn Dupont, and Bénédicte Meillon.


Keynote address by Scott Slovic, Professor at the University of Idaho, USA: “Enchanting the Earth’s Data with Meaning: Information and Emotion Channeled through Environmental Literature and Art.”


Pierre-Yves Touzot, Romancier et scénariste franco-canadien, à l’Université de Perpignan, le 25 juin 2016,  “Lieux d’enchantement: Ecrire et réenchanter le monde.”

Rencontre et extraits de Terre Lointaine.

Interprète: Jocelyn Dupont, Maître de Conférences à l’Université de Perpignan.
Lecture en anglais: Bénédicte Meillon, Maître de Conférences à l’Université de Perpignan.

The two videos below were kindly sent by two conference participants who finally could not make it to Perpignan but recorded their presentations so that they could still take part in our discussions. Special thanks to Kaitlyn and Antonio Cuadrado for thus allowing all of us to benefit from their work.

Kaitlin Willy, PhD Student at the University of North Texas.

“Dystopian Fiction: Re-Enchanting Agriculture in the Post-Apocalyptic World “

Antonio Cuadrado-Fernandez (PhD), “Learning to Live in the Anthropocene: Orality as Recycling in Contemporary Latin American Indigenous Poetry.”

Antonio Cuadrado-Fernandez (PhD. University of East Anglia; MA University of Barcelona) is language tutor, literary critic, translator and ecopoetry instructor at Span Ecopoetry Project, based in Norwich, England.