Following the selection process, Margot Lauwers and Bénédicte Meillon have put together the first volume, that with selected papers in French, to come out shortly as a special, transdisciplinary issue of the international Crossways Journal. Thank you to all the contributors for your great work and dedication to this project. The link to the issue will be posted online soon. 

As to the two volumes in English they are under way:

Béné has proceeded to the careful selection of the chapters for the volume on Dwellings of Enchantment with tightly connected papers addressing the conference topic and CFP very closely. Revisions are under way and revised papers will be asked for between June 15 and late July 2018. Revised papers will then be expected by early/mid September. We are hopeful the book might come out before the end of 2018, or early 2019.

Finally, the third book is under way too, with papers in English that are selected for their contribution to ecocriticism and ecopoeteics, although they might be more loosely tied to the initial conference topic. Dr Margot Lauwers and Dr. Caroline Durand-Rous have gracefully taken the lead on the selection procedure and will soon be able to get back to you about your submissions.

Thank you four your patience and for taking part in this multi-faceted venture

Best wishes,

Béné Meillon

Photo by Béné Meillon

Photo by Béné Meillon

A selection of roughly twenty chapters in English closely addressing the conference topic will be published, most likely as a volume in Rowman & Littlefield’s  Ecocritical Theory and Practice series, coordinated by Bénédicte Meillon, University of Perpignan, France. It will be entitled Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth. Papers submitted for the publication in English will be due by September 15th 2016 at the latest. Please send your papers in Word format before the above deadline to:

If you wish to submit a paper for this book project, please follow the guidelines as to formatting  available here:

Papers should be around 6,000 words in length (5,000 to 7,000) including references. Authors wishing to contribute a chapter must also send an abstract and short (one paragraph) biography. Very importantly, papers to be included in this volume are encouraged when relevant to discuss and refer to the conference readings and discussions, the writing, and interviews by Linda Hogan,  Barbara Kingsolver, and Ron Rash that will hopefully be published as an appendix with our volume. The point is to continue the enriching discussions between academics and writers, and enrich our own studies with writers’ take on the subject. These interviews will be posted online soon for you to read and refer to. Please keep an eye on this page to have access to the interviews as soon as I gather them.

Similarly, if you have attended papers that you believe make nice connections with your own work, you are encouraged to also refer to those. All conference participants’ mail contacts were included at the end of the book of abstracts, so please feel free to contact each other and engage in fruitful dialogues in your discussions. The Series Editor has made those wonderful suggestions based also on the notion that doing both these things would strengthen the internal coherence of our volume, which cannot be published as simple conference proceedings.

Other papers in English less tightly connected with the conference Call for Papers and theme will be selected for a volume in English gathering high-quality papers dealing with various aspects of ecocriticism and ecopoetics. The volume will be co-edited by Margot Lauwers and Bénédicte Meillon, and probably published through the Cambridge Scholars. The title for this volume will likely be “Weaving Worlds (in)to Words.”

If you are interested in submitting a paper for this volume, please follow the guidelines in the two documents here below:

Cambridge Scholars Volume Guidelines (1)

Chicago Style guidelines

The Chicago Style allows for two systems. Please use the author date system for this volume and include bottom-page footnotes. Papers should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words  in length including references. Authors wishing to contribute a chapter must also send an abstract and short, one paragraph biography. Papers for this volume must be sent in Word Format to and, by November 15th 2016.

A selection of papers in French closely addressing the conference topic will be published as a volume via the University of Perpignan Press. The volume will be co-edited by Margot Lauwers and Bénédicte Meillon. Papers submitted for publication in French will be due by January 15th 2017. Papers for this volume must be sent to and Details as regards the presentation guidelines can be found by dowloading the following document.

Thank you for your attention. We are very much looking forward to reading your paper sublmissions. The presentation at the conference were for the most part of such high quality that we are eager to reexperience the enchantment you have all brought to the conference. We hold many wonderful great memories of this conference and of exchanging with all of you. Thank you. Please keep an eye on this website, where photos of the conference will be posted soon.



Une sélection d’articles en anglais donnera lieu à un volume probablement publié par Rowman & Littlefield’s Ecocritical Theory and Practice. Les articles soumis pour la publication en anglais seront à renvoyer au plus tard le 15 septembre 2016. Les détails et consignes pour la présentation sont disponibles ci-dessus.

Un autre volume en anglais, moins étroitement lié au sujet du colloque mais réunissant des articles de qualité en écocritique et écopoétique verra également le jour, certainement aux Presses Universiatires de Perpignan. Les articles soumis pour cette publication en anglais seront à renvoyer au plus tard le 15 novembre 2017, à: et Voir détails et consignes en anglais ci-dessus.

Une sélection d’articles en français étroitement lié au sujet du colloque et à l’Appel à Communcations sera également publiée, aux Presses Universitaires de Perpignan. Cet ouvrage sera édité par Margot Lauwers et Bénédicte Meillon, de l’Université de Perpignan. Les articles soumis pour la publication en français seront à renvoyer au plus tard le 15 janvier 2017, à: et  Les consignes pour la présentation seront disponibles bientôt sur cette page.

Merci de votre attention et au plaisir de lire vos propositions! Les communications ayant pour la plupart été de haut vol, nous avons déjà hâte de pouvoir lire vos travaux écrits, qui nous réenchanteront sans aucun doute et nous rappellerons d’excellents souvenirs de votre participation à ce colloque. Merci. Pour information, les photos du colloque seront disponibles en ligne bientôt. Consultez donc régulièrement ce site!